• I will introduce the sisters store of the Shenzakaku group.

  • Old Bunch Osaka store

    You can enjoy lunch and dinner meals while viewing the city of Osaka.

    Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine in a calm shop that forget the bustle of the city.

    Cooking using seasonal ingredients tailored to the season and popular classic cuisine such as mayonnaise sauce of sweet and savory prawns

    You can enjoy a wide range of authentic Chinese cuisine.

    It can be used for banquets of up to 80 people from private use in small numbers.

    We also offer course meals with unlimited cooking and drinks according to your budget.

    Osaka Osaka store details page is here

  • Sobo Kobe store

    It is a space where you can feel the time goes down slowly in the high quality and calming shops.

    With the concept of a Chinese restaurant that can be used more easily in Kobe, you can enjoy a cuisine that added one time to fine space and authentic Chinese cuisine without worrying about time.

    It is possible to use it widely ranging from a full private room up to 50 guests maximum and a private room available from a small number of people.

    2nd meeting · celebration party · year-end annual meeting · alumni association · every celebration · lunch meeting with children · etc.

    Please also consult us as we have plans tailored to your budget.

    Robo Kobe store detailed page is here

  • Kensaku Kobe store

    Thanks to you I was able to celebrate the 82nd anniversary as a Chinese restaurant opened in Kobe.

    Banquet with total seating capacity of 1,100 seats / maximum banquet halls of up to 400 people (reception, 2nd meeting, celebration party, lecture meeting, Forgotten annual party, celebration, legal matter etc) It can be used for all events.

    There is also a chapel on the top floor so you can give a private wedding.

    Please also consult us as we have plans tailored to your budget.

    Please also use it for private meals as there are private rooms for small groups that can be used from 2 people.

    Kamikazaki Kobe store details page is here